Lunes, Setyembre 3, 2012

To the United Nation

Dear Leaders of Every Nation,

I am writing you through the United Nation to ask you to see truth in the eyes of the poorest of the poor.
Our world is rocked with violence due to survival, most of the victims are children. I beg you to focus your programs for the poor.
How was it that we sleep comfortably while there are families suffering and trying to survive.
I've been to many places helping the poor and talking to them, and what they told me the rich are using them, I travel around promoting peace, begging those who are in conflict and what those on the other side responded is this words: BROTHER WE DO ALL WHAT WE CAN TO FEED OUR CHILDREN IF IT IS NECESSARY. WE ARE PAID AND WE DO IT FOR THE SAKE OF SURVIVAL.
Hearing this from them, makes me understand that violence starts when someone is hungry and in great need.

Let us not be greedy, we are made to love and be loved.
I ask you Leaders of all Nations, to look down on those hungry family. Help me bring back their God given Human dignity and Human rights.

I left the convent to be with the poor here in my country, I am trying to plant peace by love, that all the troubles of Mindanao specially terrorism will end.

We are all brothers and sisters, one blood one race. I ask you once more to mingle with the poor and hear them. You are placed in your post not for the rich but for all, therefore you must give equal service to all human beings in the world, For all of us are made in the image of God.

I will continue reaching the poorest of the poor here in Mindanao and elsewhere. And will serve as there voice to you.

I remain

Respectfully Yours

Jeffrey D. Lumbay
( Bro. Francis Gregory of Our Lady of the Holy Eucharist)

Martes, Hulyo 10, 2012


The Anthonian devotion is not only by praying the 13 tuesdays, but also following the spirituality of Saint Anthony of Padua, to whom Saint Francis called his bishop. The Anthonians are also defender of Human rights and dignity. They pray for the well being of those whose rights were abused.
They handle counseling and they do symposium on the protection of human rights and human dignity.
Beside from all these, they do Humanitarian service from the gifts they gather in begging alms as stated in the Rule of Saint Francis of Assisi, since Saint Anthony is a Franciscan Conventuals

The Service to the Poor is called Saint Anthony's Charity.
Here the poorest of the poor receive free services, from the charities received from benefactors and friends.
the group is also planning to build the HOUSE FOR THE RELIEF OF THE SUFFERING, where the group will render free ELDERLY and CHILD CARE. Most of the Anthonians are trained caregivers.
they are called volunteers who consecrate themselves in touching the broken bodies of Jesus in the presence of the poorest of the poor. the volunteers called themselves OBLATE of SAINT ANTHONY of PADOVA.
a young Anthonian group for youth.
Elders also help assist the group in these service, fulfilling what Jesus preached in Matthew 25:31-46.

The Anthonian Devotion
The Group gathers around to pray the 13 Tuesdays in Parishes and prayer Houses.
Here they present to God through the intercession of Saint Anthony of Padua the accomplishment of the day and the intentions sent to them through mail and email, and place them in the altar of the relic. where the votive lamp is lighted 24/7. Devotees sponsored one year oil for the votive lamp for their intentions. While the Central office sent the letters to Padua to be placed in the tomb of the Saint of Miracles.

THE CALL by: Francis Gregory Lumbay Founder Anthonians- Philippines

As an Anthonian a devotee of Saint Anthony of Padua, I may say, it is the obligation of every baptized catholic to continue becoming channels of God"s peace, bringing love where there is hatred, pardon where there is unforgiveness, hope where there is despair.  We must respond to the call to build a community of families, to be a Church ever changing the world, and to heed the call to service, evangelization, and social transformation.
My free service to the poorest of the poor, must continue in the name of the Jesus Christ who is present in them. and as Saint Anthony was the protector of Human rights and dignity, I call all Saint Anthony devotees to embrace this challenge to defend and protect the human rights and dignity of the poorest of the poor, who are always the victim of injustices and violence.
That we commit  ourselves to our mission of evangelizing both ourselves, by growing in the life of faith, and  our world, by nurturing in it the saving and liberating values of the kingdom of God.
 I Pray that the Church will not only love the poor and care them, but like Saint Anthony speak out with courage to defend them when they are trampled upon "even when doing so will mean alienation by the rich and the powerful.


Lunes, Hunyo 25, 2012

The Picture of the miraculously preserve tongue of Saint Anthony in Padua

This is the Miraculously preserved tongue of  Saint Anthony of Padua enshrine at the Chapel of the relics located at the Basilica of Saint Anthony in Padova Italy

The relic that we have is the cloth reverently touched to the tongue of Saint Anthony of Padua, a relic card was sent to Fra. Francis, he removed the sacred linen from the card and placed it in a reliquary, now becomes the Miraculous Pilgrim relic of Saint Anthony of Padua.

Many times the reliquary miraculously is wet by an oil which no one knows where it comes from.

and to protect the relic we placed it in a golden leather box in a glass case.

To invite the relic Please contact us in this number: +639061315524
Missionary relic of Saint Anthony of Padova
c/o Sis Mercy Gandaliao
Blk 20, Lot 19, Nazareth, Bueanavista
Pagadian City, 7016, Philippines

Schedule of the tour of the Relic

MAY 18-19- Sinunoc, Misamis Occidental
May  19-20- Linamon, and Iligan City
May 25- Present Pagadian City
June and July- Open

Linggo, Hunyo 24, 2012

Fra. Francis Gregory meets the Children of Mary Association National and International Officers

Fra. Francis Gregory, a member of the Children of Mary since 1987 was requested by the Diocesan President of the Children of Mary Pagadian to come over and meet the National President of the C.O.M and the International Councilor of the Children of Mary Association who will be coming over for an orientation in Pagadian from Manila and Cebu.

"ASSOCIATION OF THE CHILDREN OF MARY IMMACULATE-Vincentian Marian Youth, Philippines, Orientation Seminar, June 22-24, 2012 Venu: San Jose Parish, Pagadian City.
The Meeting was short yet memorable:
Fra. Francis Gregory with the Natioanl President of the Children of Mary

Fra. Francis Gregory with the Former International Councilor of the Children of Mary.   \   

Fra. FrancisGregory with some Anthonians visit neighboring chapels

After the attending Sunday Mass, Fra, Francis Gregory went to visit neighboring chapels to organize another group of Anthonians. In this picture he was greeted with the crowed. Some beg to close to him to let their forehead signed with a cross.

In our apostolate to the poor and in propagating the devotion of Saint Anthony, Jesus is not tired to glorify Saint Anthony with Miracles. Many conversion of those from pagan cults embraced Christianity after hearing the orientation and listening Fra. Francis talking to them personally. Wherever we go, a pagan cult fall.
and all this because of the prayers of Saint Anthony of Padua, whom we felt tangibly during the day.
Here we understand what Saint Anthony did to the world in his time converting heretics and healing the sick. Let us all pray for the health of Fra. Francis Gregory, no other preacher like him ever face danger with cult groups, yet responded them with brotherly love. We asked him how he do it? What is his secret he answered us: GIVE YOURSELF TO GOD COMPLETELY THAT HIS LOVE MAY FLOW TO YOU AND BE FELT BY OTHERS. TO BE A MARTYR OF LOVE IS MY VOCATION. JESUS' LOVE IS MY STRENGTH AND SHIELD OF PROTECTION. IF I DIE, I DIE HELPING THE CHURCH BRING HER CHILDREN BACK TO THE TRUE FOLD. WE HAVE A SAINT WHO WORKED WITH US WITH MIRACLES TO CONVINCE THEM. IF ME ALONE I WON'T BE SUCCESSFUL. AS AN ANTHONIANS WE MUST LOOK NOT ONLY FOR THE GOOD WELL BEING OF THE BODY BUT ALSO OF THE SPIRIT.


To the leaders of the Nations
To all People of Good will

My dear Brothers and Sisters,

Pax et Bonum!

Jesus heard all the cries of our poor brothers and sisters, they beg for healing, and Jesus needs you and me to bring Him to them through our charity. Can't you see? How blessed are you for you are not in their situation, what will you feel when you are in their shoes? Like anybody else, they almost lost their heads of thinking where to run for help. Yet we close our eyes to see them.
How many times do we need to close our eyes to Jesus, how many times do we refuse him to be part of our life?
If we love Jesus we learn to express this by loving him in the poorest of the poor. Greed has enslave some of us. That it makes ones heart hard as stone.
I take up the challenge of the Gospel to face all the insult in begging just to prepare myself for the coming of Jesus. Like other beggars, I am pushed, and this have me reflect Jesus being pushed by the crowed during his way to Calvary.

I who am in the vow of Poverty challenge you leaders of the nations who receive big salaries to give to those who have none. Even to those who have plenty do not be like the rich man who ignore Lazarus, for you will be judged by love and the mercy you used to our poor brothers and sisters shall be measured. The amount of mercy you showed them shall be the amount of mercy Jesus will show on you on the last day.

To those who use the innocence of the poor, You are betraying Jesus, for Jesus is in them, remember what our Lord said: "WHATEVER YOU DO TO THE LEAST OF MY BROTHERS YOU DO IT TO ME."  What value does your wealth have when upon death you won't be able to bring that with you. Our Lord asked us to gather treasures in heaven that will last forever. And the true treasure of the Church  are the poorest of the poor.
We must know our identity, we are sons and daughter of MOTHER CHURCH who is called THE CHURCH OF THE POOR.

Always remember no one in this world last forever. The World and all that it has shall pass away except the word of GOD. The message of  God from the old testament to the new testament is LOVE and MERCY. Let this question serves as your reflection: ARE YOU CAPABLE OF TRUE LOVE?

Fra. Francis Gregory